JEI's internationally acclaimed Learning Method will help develop confidence in children with individually paced, step-by-step learning. Once children gain confidence and begin to enjoy learning independently, their potential grows exponentially.

Take the Diagnostic Test at our JEI Learning Center to get started. It will pinpoint the lacking areas and prescribe an individual study program based on needs.

The JEI Advantage

The Scientific Diagnostic System

JEl’s diagnostic system will pinpoint a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Each student will receive a 2-page analysis report which explains how the prescriptive study program is prescribed for each student.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Well-aligned with Common Core State Standards, our curriculum focuses on conceptual understanding of Math, English, and Reading & Writing.

Individually Paced Step-By-Step Learning

JEl’s program is self-paced with a step-by-step approach which makes learning easy for everyone. Students only progress when they have demonstrated proficiency in each objective of the prescribed study program.